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Herbal Massage

Herbal Massage

Price: R700 (90min) Book an apppointment

The Herbal Massage brings together two of the oldest and greatest remedies; herbs, from which all medicines are derived and massage which is the basis of all bodywork. With the healing properties of the herbal compress and the massage style, this is a most powerful form of rejeuvenation.

Treatment Description:

This unique style of massage involves the stretching and acupressure techniques of traditional Thai massage, but with the additional benefit of Herbs.

A warmed Herbal Pouch is pressed against the body meridian, which not only releases a fragrance which facilitates mental and spiritual relaxation, but more importantly, eases sore muscles and aches and improves blood circulation.

Na Bua uses only authentic, imported herbs from Thailand.

Treatment Includes:

Authentic Herbal Massage
Light Refreshments

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Aromatic healing from the herbal compress
  • Clensing of the meridian lines and energies
  • Stress release
  • Muscle relaxant

Good to Know:

Thai techniques are well respected in Thailand for their medicinal properties. Here in Cape Town, we advise you to consult your Doctor if you have any ailments that require medical attention.