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Feet, Head, Neck, Shoulders and Arms

Feet, Head, Neck, Shoulders and Arms

Price: R300 (30min) Price: R400 (60min) Book an apppointment

The upper body, hands and feet are vulnerable to the retention of stress during your day to day activities. This treatment targets these core areas and using reflexology and pressure massage, releases any stored tension not only at the point of touch, but throughout the body. Intensely relaxing and utterly rejeuvenating, this treatment will ensure you step out of Na-Bua stress free.

Treatment Description:

Using the art of reflexology makes this massage more than just a remedy for relaxation. There are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part, organ and gland in the body; revealing hidden issues and providing an indirect means to aid the healing process. 

The combination of areas treated ensure that stress is reduced holistically, and that you are restored to health.

Treatment Includes:

Massage of the Head, Neck and Shoulders, arms and hands, feet. 

Light refreshements

Benefits of this treatment:

  • improved circulation 
  • detoxification
  • reduced tension
  • body’s ability to heal itself is improved

Good to Know:

Ensure you drink plenty of water for 24 hours following any massage treatment as this will aid the detoxification process and enhance the benefits.

We do not recommend you undergo any massage therapy while you are ill or if you have recently undergone surgery. If you are pregnant or if you have any medical issues please inform staff in advance of your treatment.