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Price: R400 (60min) Book an apppointment

Good care of your feet will aid more than just your toes! Whilst a pedicure is essentially a beauty treatment for your feet, the use of reflexology points on the feet can aid in healing other issues within the body. 

Treatment Description:

Your manicurist will treat and care for your nails and cuticles, soften/remove dead skin and nourish. You will also experience a Thai foot massage, or reflexology, which not only relaxes and soothes; but also works on the energy lines and pressure points related to other areas of the body.

Treatment Includes:

Pedicure, foot massage, light refreshments.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Treats and prevents feet problems such as callouses or in-grown toe nails
  • Prevent infections
  • Aid posture and ensure comfort
  • Combined with reflexology it can also sooth and relax

Good to Know:

This pedicure treatment includes a complimentary Thai foot massage.