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Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Price: R350 (30min) Price: R450 (60min) Book an apppointment

Using essential oils derived from aromatic flowers, herbs, spices, woods and fibres; a blended combination oil is created to treat each individual according to their needs. The massage combines different techniques also adapted to the individual and designed to work with the arromatic properties of the oils.

Essential oils help relax the nervous system and provide a powerful calming effect on the body and mind.

Treatment Description:

Your therapist will blend an aromatherapy combination using natural essential oils, to your specific needs. Combining different oils allows the holistic treatment of any ailment you may be experiencing, leaving you feeling relaxed and revived.

The massage techniques work on the physical body whilst the aromatic properties of the oils penetrate the skin and the senses; this aids in mental and physical treatment.

Na-Bua use authentic Thai oils made from 100% natural ingredients.

Treatment Includes:

Specialist therapist
Aromatherapy oils & treatment
Light refreshments

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Balance emotions
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved concentration
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Help in lowering blood pressure

Good to Know:

Ensure you drink plenty of water for 24 hours following any massage treatment as this will aid the detoxification process and enhance the benefits.

We do not recommend you undergo any massage therapy while you are ill or if you have recently undergone surgery. If you are pregnant or if you have any medical issues please inform staff in advance of your treatment.