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Phuket Shows & Entertainment

Phuket Shows & Entertainment

Phuket Fanatsea Show:

Inspired by Thailand's rich and exotic heritage, Phuket FantaSea not only showcases the charm and beauty of Thailand's Myths, Mysteries and Magic in a wondrous extravaganza with its beathtaking Las Vegas-style theatrical show, but also enriches ancient Thai traditions with the wonder of cutting edge technology and special effects certain to delight the whole family.
Enjoy Dinner at the 4,000 seat theme restaurant offering a grand buffet of Thai and international cuisines.  This stunning 140-acre theme complex is packed with a multitude of activities and entertainment: a Carnival village with games, handicrafts and plenty of shopping.

Siam Niramit Show:

This must-see spectacular show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs.  Enhanced special effects and the world's most advanced technology are used to produce a very realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.

Act 1, Siam Niramit takes you back to the past to witness... 

Act 2, we visit the three realms central to traditional Thai beliefs

Act 3, we witness some of the most popular and important festivals.

Dinner - For guests who wish to enjoy a meal before the show, Siam Niramit's restaurants offers delicious. Thai/International cuisine, buffet-style, in an elegant restaurant overlooking the Thai Village of the Four Regions.  You'll find all the signature dishes that make Thai cuisine renowned around the world, such as 'Som Tam' (spicy papaya salad) and 'Gairng Kieow Waan' (green curry), as well as a range of international cuisine.  Tea and coffee are included in the price of the buffet meal, and beer, wine and spirits are available for purchase.

Simon Cabaret Show:

Some might say that a holiday to Thailand would not be complete without taking a picture with a Ladyboy or ‘Kathoey’ as they are called in Thai.

The Simon Cabaret show with their slogan “Let your imagination fly…” first opened in 1991 is a full on theatrical extravaganza performed only by Ladyboys. The show is not a clumsy strip dance like you might think, but a highly professional show with great choreography, stage concepts, high tech sounds and lightning and most important of all – the most beautiful and glamorous Ladyboys in Phuket!