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Similian Islands

Similian Islands

Koh Similan Island is by far the most beautiful group of dive sites in Thailand and one of the best areas for diving in the entire world. Many people comment that the most fantastic thing about the Similan Islands is that we have two radically different types of environments all rolled together into one destination. Nowhere else in the world will a diver find such diverse topography in such a small area.

The Similan Islands, located about one hundred kilometers northwest of Phuket, are composed of nine granite islands covered in tropical jungle, washed by a clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with some of the world's finest beaches. Similan comes from Malay fisherman who named it "The Nine Islands". There is limited accommodation available on the island.

The East Coast with its powdery beaches features hard coral gardens which slope dramatically from the surface down to approximately 30-40 meters, where sand takes over as the water depth increases. On this side, the most popular activity is drift diving along healthy coral gardens while watching the reef inhabitants go about their business. On several sites, large coral bommies rise from the bottom and are covered with soft corals, sea fans, and an enormous amount of critters and unusual fish. Here the diving is easy and navigation simple, allowing each buddy pair to explore at his or her own pace.

The West Coast, just a short boat ride away, can offer faster paced, more exhilarating diving as currents swirl around the huge granite boulders-some larger than the largest of houses. These smooth, rounded boulders make dramatic formations, holes, and overhangs ("swim-throughs") underwater where divers can enjoy swimming with the current through the openings. The drama of just looking up through the clear water at these huge rocks is satisfaction enough for some divers, as there are very few places like this on earth. Growing on these boulders are some of the most colorful soft corals imaginable, in many places so thick that the rock is no longer visible. In the larger passages or channels between the boulders, the fans grow to a size sometimes three meters across, and are often so tightly bunched together that it makes it impossible to swim through the passages. Most of the dive sites on the West Coast are best seen with a guide, since navigation can be tricky.

If you enjoy watching and photographing small fish, the Similans are hard to beat for the sheer numbers and varieties of tropicals especially lionfish and anemone fish. We often get an occasional whale shark, while large cow tail rays are fairly common. And, of course the most famous aquatic resident of Thailand the leopard shark makes his appearance on a regular basis. We'll also see white tip and black tip sharks once in awhile, and a few times over the years we've seen schools of pseudo orcas or false killer whales.

High season in the Similan Island is from October until May, but diving is possible all year-round. The water tends to be clearest in the summer and in the fall, but then again, the visibility is almost always good in the Similans, averaging approximately 18-25 meters and at times exceeding 40 meters!

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