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The Workstation Bliss

The Workstation Bliss

This treatment is a great office or work environment booster. Perfomed at your employee's desk or a designated station, the client remains fully clothed and is given a stress relieving massage based on Traditional Thai techniques.

The Workstation Bliss Package is based on a 15 Minute head, neck and shoulder massage which is designed to effectively boost workplace moral with minimum impact on productivity of employees. This treatment is performed once a week for the period of one month.

A happy corporate environment = increased, effective productivity:

  • Improved attendance
  • Faster workflow process
  • Calmer and happier work space
  • Less negative impact on other staff
  • Improved performance
  • Lower staff vacancies¬†
  • Be a great company to work for!

The cost of the Work Station Bliss package is based on the number of employees. Please contact us for full details about this or other Corporate Packages. If this is not quite what you are looking for then we are happy to advise you on using our services and products to create a range of corporate incentives to reward loyal clients, staff or colleagues:

Gift Vouchers
Loyalty packages
Treatment packages

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