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What to expect from your therapist

What to expect from your therapist

Your Spa experience should be one of calm and restoration; but often people are not sure how to behave or may have never been to a spa before. To help ease this problem there is a spoken and unspoken spa etiquette that is generally practiced at any credible facility. Whilst the detail may change, there is an certain standard of behaviour that is expected to ensure the comfort of both guests and staff.

If you are new to Thai massage, or just want to be sure that Na-Bua offers a level of service that you are comfortable with, then the following outline will assist you in knowing what to expect.


Always arrive on time for your appointments; or a little early if you are new to Na-Bua. This will help you relax into the Spa environment and allow us time to get to know you.
Advise us of any health conditions you may have, even if they do not seem relevant. This way we can be sure we are assisting you by complimenting your medical treatment, whilst preventing any risks.
Bring or wear comfortable clothing for a Traditional Thai massage which is performed fully clothed. Although it may seem strange at first, this is one of the most effective forms of massage due to its healing abilities. Especially for sportsmen and women.
For oil based Thai massages, aromatherapy massages and hot-stone therapies you will need to get undressed to a level which you are comfortable with. Some people undress completely, and others leave their underwear on. Draping will keep you warm and protect your dignity during your treatment. But our therapists are used to all types of clients and will behave professionally, allowing you the choice.
In the case of wet treatments such as scrubs and hydrotherapies, you will not be draped. Swimsuits are optional in some treatments, if you would feel more comfortable. Just mention any concerns, you will feel a whole lot better!
Give your therapist feedback. Let her know if you have any special needs or disabilities so that your visit is as comfortable as possible. Tell her if she is using a depth of massage that makes you uncomfortable and likewise if you would prefer her to be more firm.
Know that you are in a professional spa environment and do not expect anything other than therapeutic or spa services. I think you know what I mean?!
Communicate your personal preferences during your treatment so that your therapist can adjust for you. If you would prefer certain styles of massage, particular oils, firmness of pressure etc.
Be considerate to yourself and others. For example turn off your cell phone and be mindful of the other guests. We know it is hard. But you will be so glad you did.
We welcome children who are aware of our environment, however, please do not leave them unattended as this can be disruptive to other guests and unsafe for your children. If your baby sitter lets you down, then let us know so that we may attempt to assist you.
You may relax for a while once a treatment has been completed, but please be aware that the treatment room needs to be prepared for the next client, around 15 minutes is the norm. So a couple of hours sleep after probably won't go down.
Gratuities are not expected, however if you would like to compliment your therapist with a tip please do so. There is no rule on this one. Trust your instinct. If you have recieved less than tip-worthy treatment, then please do let us know. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please don't bring food or refreshments into the Spa. However, we do have an awesome outdoor area at our V&A branch with plants and a waterfall and everything. Should you like to eat there, then you are more than welcome.

Unacceptable guest behaviour:

  • Insisting on services or treatments that have not been pre-booked
  • Using a cell phone during a treatment or in the treatment rooms
  • Vulgar or sexually suggestive behaviour. Just don't.
  • Demeaning and abusive behaviour toward staff
  • Smoking, eating or drinking during treatments
  • Drinking alcohol before or during treatment; or drug-taking anywhere near us. Ever.


Your therapist is also expected to maintain certain protocol; she is the professional after all, so this is what you would expect from her.

You will find Na-Bua staff to be friendly and courteous at all times. Unless you do any of the unforgivables above of course!
All our therapists are expected to adhere to our policy of confidentiality and as such will not discuss other therapists or other guests. Not even the famous ones. Sorry.
Na-Bua does not claim to cure any medical ailment and your therapist should always enquire further if you report a health condition; to ensure your Doctors instructions and treatments are adhered to.
Our therapists are expected to ensure your time with us is as relaxing as possible and will not smoke, eat or drink during treatments or in the treatment rooms. Cell phones are not permitted in the treatment rooms either.
If your therapist does not meet your expectations, please inform us so that action may be taken to ensure your Na-Bua experience is of a high standard.

Unacceptable Therapist Behaviour:

  • Asking for a tip or additional payment
  • Poor personal hygiene such as body odour, poor dental care, etc
  • Lewd conduct or flirtatious behaviour
  • Late arrival for a client booking
  • Personalising Na-Bua's services to the extent that they do not conform to our standards
  • Allowing personal likes and dislikes to affect the service to our guests
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, medical or physical condition

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what (not)to expect when you visit us. We are a friendly bunch though, so feel free to ask lots of questions if you are still unsure about anything.

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