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A Massage by any other name

A Massage by any other name

Thai massage is also known as Nuad Boran. "Nuan" is a Thai word that means "to heal by touch". Boran is derived from Pali, a dialect of Sanskrit, meaning something ancient and honorable. But this is not the only name for Thai-Massage. It can also be known as:

  • Nuad Bo’Rarn (Nuadbo’rarn)
  • Nuad Boran (Nuat Boran, Nuadboran)
  • Nuad Phaen Boran (Nuat Phaen Boran, Nuatphaenboran, Nuadphaenboran)
  • Nuad Bo-Rarn (Nuat Bo-Rarn, Nuatborarn)
  • Ráksãa Thaang Nûat (Raksaa-Thang-Nuat, raksaathangnuat, Phaen Boran Ráksãa Thaang Nûat)
  • Thai Yoga Massage (Thaiyoga Massage, thaiyogamassage)
  • Yogic Thai-Massage (yogicthaimassage)
  • Thai Ayurveda Massage (ayurvedic thaimassage, thai-ayurveda)
  • Thai Herbal Massage (Herbal Thai Massage, thaiherbal massage, thai-herbal-massage, herbal thai-massage)
  • Thai Compress Massage (thai hot compress massage, thaicompress massage)
  • Thai Oil Massage (Thai Oil-Massage, Thai-Oil-Massage)
  • Watpo-Massage (Wat-Po-Massage, Wat Po Massage, Wat Poh Massage, Wat Pho Massage, Watpho-Massage, Watpoh-Massage)
  • Buddhist Massage (Buddhistmassage, Buddhistic Massage, Buddhisticmassage, Buddha Massage, Buddhamassage)
  • Theraveda Massage (Theraveda-Buddhist-Massage, theravedabuddhist massage)
  • Thai Medical Massage (thaimedical massage, thai-medical-massage, thaimedicine, thai-medicine, medical thaimassage)
  • Ancient Massage (Ancient Thaimassage, Ancientmassage, Ancient-Massage, thai ancient massage)
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